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End-to-end Remote Online Care Telemedicine Service

Teleclinica is a telemedicine Platform helping patients connect to doctors, physicians & healthcare service providers instantly through a phone call. It is a one-to-one doctor-patient communication platform where doctors offer instant medicinal assistance, health-related guidelines, and help users find local clinics, pharmacy & emergency services. The goal is to reduce in-person visits and create a smarter HIPAA-compliant online care service where the patients can reach doctors within a few taps. Teleclinica aims to keep up with the increasing demand for immediate care & responses to the patients while meeting their urgent needs through telephonic care.

The Problem

The client aimed to solve the mobility problems of patients through patient/doctor records management bringing doctors, healthcare providers, and patients on a single platform. The initial step was to identify a system that immediately starts meeting the need in virtual care. The more considerable difficulty was integrating the latest features, technologies, dashboards, and databases in a user-friendly, stable, secure, and robust architecture to ensure mass-scale care. Also, the client required a seamless easy-to-access Admin dashboard development that makes Teleclinica management easy at their end. To keep the website growing and retain users, the client’s utmost requirement was to enhance the privacy & confidentiality of patient/doctor information as per HIPAA regulations. Also, the client was interested in introducing Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call list management, Disease & medicine management, Clinic list management, doctor-patient communication, and a secure payment system into Teleclinica.

The Solution

To technically implement all the client-demanded features, the Softobiz DevOps team offered a solution to develop separate panels for Doctors, Patients, Companies, and Admins on a single platform. For these different panels, we offered robust technical support in an Agile DevOps environment to build a high-quality online care system to enhance the patient experience and ensure continuity of care at improved operational efficiency. To deliver privacy, security, and confidentiality of information & data, we managed to adhere to all the HIPAA privacy rules, regulations, and guidelines through employing data access control measures and continuous security audit & monitoring. Also, we enabled customers to make fast payments to the doctors using digital invoicing and automated transaction features in Teleclinica.

Technologies Used: PHP5, WordPress Google Maps API, jQuery, Twilio Integration

Services Offered: End-to-end Web Application Development

Features Delivered: Separate Dashboards, Doctor & Patient Report Management, Calls Management, Transactions Management, Play Recorded Calls, Transcription Management, IVR & Content Management, Disease & Medicine Listing, and Clinic List Management

The Result

Softobiz developed Teleclinica keeping note of the futuristic demand for advanced online care systems. As a telemedicine website service, it results in quality patient care, greater access to care, instant scheduling, faster care delivery, quick doctor-patient communication, e-Payments, and immediate clinical assistance on a single platform developed at lower cost, but in a tech-powered ecosystem. Achieving all the client goals and respective demands resulted in HIPAA Compliant development of Teleclinica in Softobiz.

Softobiz knows what they have to do, implement, and deliver before time. They are reliable, communicative, and have an impressive knowledgeable quality team.