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Incident Inefficiencies

Incident Inefficiencies & How to Eliminate Them

Do you know IT incidents cost companies millions of dollars each year? Even bigger issue is that...


Remote Work

Remote Working is the future, but are you ready?

WebRTC Architecture

WebRTC Architecture: Everything You Need to Know

Data Security

How Secure is Your Data in the Cloud?


Harnessing the Power of GraphQL

DevOps Outsourcing

An IT Leader’s Guide to DevOps Outsourcing in 2021

We are all aware of DevOps and the amazing things it is capable of. We know how...

Dapr: An Open-source Runtime to Build Powerful Microservice Applications

Creating distributed applications using microservices is exciting but not easy. The microservice architecture has its own set...
Why Should You Do Rapid Prototyping before Building an MVP

Why You Should Choose Rapid Prototyping Before Building an MVP?

Imagine building a house without a structured schema or a visual model. Impossible, isn’t it? Similar is the...
App Modernization Pitfalls

Common App Modernization Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

App modernization can be a rewarding process. However, if not done right, it can become a nightmare....
Software Antipatterns Killing Your Productivity

9 Software Antipatterns that May Kill Your Productivity

Stakeholders hate long delivery cycles. They expect timely delivery of their products. As enterprise software development service...
Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept in Software Development: What You Need to Know

Ideas are fascinating. Nothing can match the feeling you have when you finally settle on a revolutionary...
Cloud Managed Services

How to Make the Most Out of Cloud Managed Services

If you are working in the IT industry, you might have heard about cloud-managed services. Chances are...
Using DevOps in Data Science

How to Leverage DevOps in Data Science

Data analytics is one of the biggest drivers of digital transformation. No matter if you are part...
Design Thinking

Design Thinking and Its Importance in UI/UX

To build powerful products that perform better, generate more revenue, and attract more users – enterprises must...
Digital Transformation Challenges

7 Digital Transformation Challenges and How to Overcome Them

With the digital transformation moment going mainstream, many business leaders have started adopting it. Still, they face...
WebRTC Security

WebRTC Security: Why WebRTC is the Safest Alternative

Despite the increasing popularity of WebRTC, there is a mass hysteria about WebRTC security. Even if the...
Data Analytics in Digital Transformation

Importance of Data Analytics in Digital Transformation

In present times, when there is cut-throat competition and businesses rely more on stats than gut feeling,...
No-code Development

No-Code Development: The Future of Software Development

“The future of coding is no coding at all,” GitHub CEO Christ Wanstrath had predicted in a...
Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi

6 Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi as an Enterprise Application Integration

Connectivity plays a crucial role in today’s tech-driven and digitally transforming world. Enterprises need to use multi-purpose...
Business Tech Trends 2021

11 Business Tech Trends to Look Forward in 2021

2020 was a year full of surprises. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, not only businesses...
Preferred Product Owner Stances

6 Preferred Product Owner Stances to Adapt

In our previous blog, we discussed six misunderstood product owner stances that should be avoided at any...
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