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Smart homes, smart cities, smart cars; IoT is everywhere. Companies are using the trend to create diversified customer experiences. So, we also use our industry expertise to design secure and innovative IoT solutions for enterprises.

"You need to put innovation at the heart of your applications."

Gaurav Murghai, Chief Executive Officer -

Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Real-time Data Streaming & Integration

Real-time Data Streaming & Integration

In IoT, it’s very important to stream real-time data as soon as you collect it so that you can respond to the changing conditions in time. For this reason, we use advanced technologies in our IoT devices that capture millions of events per second. We also integrate your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across all IoT devices. This way you can take fast and smart data-driven decisions.

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"Team Softobiz is spectacular. Would love working with them again."

Brad Pengelly,

Founder of Hoops CRM

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Smart Devices

Smart Devices

If you’re new to the world of IoT and are having trouble setting up and managing your smart devices, Softobiz can help. Google Home, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThing Hub – we have everything covered up.

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"I am looking forward to a long and productive relationship with this team that will propel our company to new heights."

Keith Diamond,

Director of Pourtastic Tastings Limited

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IoT Protocols

IoT Protocols

To ensure that all the IoT devices are safely connected, we emphasize on the use of right IoT protocols. Some of the protocols that we use are MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), DDS (Data Distribution Service), AMQP (Advanced Messages Queuing Protocol), NFC (Near Field Communication), and UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

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"They exceeded our expectations by delivering more than expected."

Casey Zaman,

Founder & CEO of EasyWebinar

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With this company, you can never go wrong. I am glad that I decided to work with them.

Davidson Akujiofor

Founder & CEO of Conetbook

Their team members put their heart and soul in everything they do.

Grant Miller

Founder of Agent Alive

"We are amazed by their technical expertise and in-depth thinking."

Laurence Abrams,

Founder & Chairman of ClientPoint

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