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Cloud Security
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Cloud Security: Offering Enterprise-level Cloud Protection

Cloud Security

The job of a cloud computing services provider is not finished just after the cloud implementation. In fact, it starts. Once they have moved the legacy applications on the cloud, they will have to ensure these apps are regularly monitored and protected from any threats. The Softobiz cloud computing team understands this very well. Hence, with our business-level cloud security services, we ensure your Cloud system keeps working and remains safe from cyber threats.

Cloud Security Challenges?

Some of the most common security threats we face on Cloud are:

  • Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks which take down the cloud service completely or cause difficulties.
  • Shared cloud computing services issue. It happens when a service provider fails to provide the necessary security between multiple clients.
  • Negligence of employees. Sometimes, small mistakes can turn out to be critical later.
  • Data loss occurs when you don’t take proper backup of your data.
  • The security breach, phishing, and ransomware.

Security Measures

After we move your app or service to the Cloud, it becomes our responsibility to protect it from all kinds of cyber threats. Here are the security measures we follow:

  • Encrypting data before uploading it to the Cloud.
  • Using industry standard encryption and authentication protocols like IPSec (Internet Protocol Security)
  • Creating unique usernames and passwords that are hard to guess
  • Using advanced firewalls like Top-of-the-Line Perimeter Firewall that carefully examine the files that we’re adding to the system
  • Using intrusion detection systems that track the security breach attempts on your system
  • Using internal firewalls for individual apps and databases
  • Implementing Data-at-Rest Encryption to prevent your sensitive information on the Cloud.

Types of Encryption Used

  • Attribute-based encryption (ABE)
  • Ciphertext-policy ABE (CP-ABE)
  • Key-policy ABE (KP-ABE)
  • Fully homomorphic encryption (FHE)
  • Searchable encryption (SE)
  • Data-at-Rest encryption (DRE)

Learn how we protect app or service infrastructure on the cloud from cyber threats.

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