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Growing Your Business with Softobiz
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Growing your business with Softobiz

Growing Your Business with Softobiz

We all want to see our business grow. Rising from a small company to a big enterprise and achieving new milestones every day is something we all crave for.

However, sustainable business growth doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long-term process that requires expert mentorship, an intelligently crafted strategy, and collective efforts of a talented professional team. You need someone who’s always there to inspire, help, and guide you right from the moment you discuss your idea to the time you launch it in the market. Someone who can help you face complex challenges and emerge victoriously.

At Softobiz, we play this role as a partner and a mentor to our clients. We help them evolve and thrive in their business by using cutting-edge strategies, design innovations, and advanced product development methodologies.

Our approach to Growing Your Business

1.  Following an Agile Mindset right from the beginning

“Having a right mindset is the most critical thing that one needs for success”.

Hence, we facilitate and mentor our teams in the adoption of agile mindset right from the beginning. We create a culture where collaborative and cross-functional teams lead to brutal transparency.

The approach helps us in delivering your products on time along with quality improvement and lead your business towards success.

How having an agile mindset helps?

  • Better collaboration among team members
  • Work is done in the right priority order
  • Tasks are finished at a faster pace but with the superior quality
  • Team members are not afraid of failure or challenges
  • We can come up with better ideas to improve your product

2. Testing your idea before development

We don’t just jump right into your idea after you share it because doing so will only lead to the wastage of time and resources.

Instead, we follow a systematic approach that involves creating an MVP  of your product and releasing it in the market for A/B testing before working on it so that we can be sure that the idea will be a success if we launch it.

How we A/B test your idea before development?

Step 1: Creating an MVP

An MVP (an acronym for a minimum viable product) is basically a functional prototype that shows the basic functionality of a product. It just gives users an overview of what your product is all about.

Step 2: Releasing the MVP to a limited audience

Once the MVP is ready, we release it to a limited number of people who use the MVP and give their feedback on it.

Step 3: Analyzing Feedback

After receiving the feedback, we analyze it. If the feedback is good, we move ahead with product development. Otherwise, we work with you on how we can make the idea better.

Why is A/B Testing important?

A/B testing is important because you can’t afford not to listen to your customers. Also, doing so saves much time and resource wastage and ensures that the product is of the most excellent quality when we release it in the market.

3. Creating user-centric designs

“Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual” -Edward Tufte.

Hence, we focus on creating user-centric designs that attract the audience and make them willing to use your app or website again and again.

Our UI/UX Designing Workflow

Step 1: Research and Analytics

We use our detailed research on user behavior and actions to create a UX/UI design that meet your business goals.

Step 2: UX/UI Wireframes 

Based on the concept of your app, we create its wireframes that define the app’s architecture.

Step 3: Concept Presentation

Based on the gathered information, we develop information architecture and gather the core features of your app.

Step 4: UX/UI Design 

Once the UX/UI wireframes are developed, we develop fully-functional and crystal-clear UX/UI for your app.

Following this approach helps us create designs that are visually appealing and attract many people.

4. Harnessing the power of Agile & DevOps for high-performance apps

We follow the DevOpsile (DevOps + Agile ) approach at Softobiz which involves the use of the Agile approach in DevOps right from the beginning of your project. As a result, the final product turns to be of excellent quality, and when you launch it in the market, it’s a success.

  • Benefits of DevOpsile (DevOps + Agile) approach
  • In-time actionable feedback
  • Reduced IT-costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased productivity

Overall, the DevOpsile (DevOps + Agile) approach helps develop your product according to market trends.

5. Helping you manage your business better with Enterprise Apps

Businesses are getting smart with time. Rather than following a traditional workflow and doing everything manually, they are relying more on automation tools and business apps.

So, how can we let your business left behind?

We  create enterprise apps  that are tailored strictly as per your business needs and help you manage your organization workflow better. We also develop powerful CRMs. Moreover, we empower your business apps with integrations that let you connect apps that otherwise couldn’t be connected.

Why your business needs an enterprise app?

  • Enterprise app automates the workflow of a business
  • You can share data and improve management
  • IT infrastructure can be developed and scaled according to the market demand
  • There is always a scope for new opportunities
  • Enterprise apps make communication easier and reduce time wastage

6. Cloudifying your business

Cloud computing is like hiring a taxi. It is scalable because you can call as many taxis as you want. It is flexible because if your plans change, you can drop them anytime and anywhere. Payment is only for the distance you travel in a taxi, so cloud computing is also paying as you go.

Cloud offers you a chance to scale your business and offer services to a broader audience. However, shifting your business on the Cloud isn’t that easy at all. The process requires careful planning, security mechanisms, and effective process management.

How we Cloudify your business?

Step 1: Preparing a powerful Cloud Strategy.

Step 2: Migrating your workflow from the local server to the Cloud.

Step 3: Using security mechanisms to safeguard your Cloud system.

Step 4: Managing your workflow on the Cloud with the help of SaaS.

Step 5: Creating an effective business process to make the Cloud system workflow better.

Doing so ensures that you can reap all the benefits that the Cloud has to offer and lead your business grows to its full potential.

7. Following the right approach to transform your business digitally

Digital is the new norm. However, digitizing your business is a real challenge.

At Softobiz, we help you successfully transform your business using proven methods

Our approach to digitally transform your business

Step 1: Designing an efficient transformation strategy

Step 2: Drafting an effective migration strategy

Step 3: Migrating the system from the local server to the Cloud

Step 4: Using API gateways to ensure the API security of your system

This way your business successfully turns digital, and you can expand it to its true potential.

In a nutshell

Customers’ perception is our reality. What they think about our products, Matters. Not putting the customer perception means The GAME IS OVER.

Hence, we believe in the saying: ‘Expand your mind, change your world’ and following the best approach for growing your business. We have helped many businesses in their growth journey this way.

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