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Slide: Harnessing the Power of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Harnessing the power of Cloud Computing to enhance business value

Slide: Harnessing the Power of Cloud Computing

We are living in an era where businesses are getting larger day by day, not just in the number of employees but also concerning their customer reach and the products/services they are offering. Some even have hybrid teams working at different locations and a clientele spreading across the entire globe.

Now, to get things done, they need to provide their employees much more than just a computer system with an internet connection to get things done. They need to provide an environment where these employees can meet the customer needs and accomplish goals, and that’s where Cloud Computing comes into mind.

While Cloud computing has emerged as a beneficial tool for large enterprises as it’s making it easier for them to manage their worldwide clientele, it is helping small and mid-sized businesses a lot. There is a lot of business value that Cloud computing has to offer.

Here are some advantages that cloud computing has to offer:

1. Business Agility

Cloud computing has offered a lot of flexibility to both the companies and their employees. While now the employees can work from wherever they want, it has also become easier for businesses to acquire the resources they need. They no longer must limit themselves just because an expert in a domain is not available in their city. Instead, they can hire some remotely and start working on the project. This has also helped in delivering projects faster and reducing the time to market. All these things provide a competitive edge and help you thrive in business.

2. Less Operational Issues

We all know how difficult it is for employees to work in the traditional environment. You can’t keep track of their performance, sharing files and data is difficult, and so is communicating with each other while working on a project.

Cloud can efficiently solve this problem by allowing easy communication and collaboration between employees. This means multiple people can work a single project in real-time, provide their feedback, and ensure everything turns out to be perfect.

3. Being Available 24×7

Being available 24×7 to help clients resolve their queries is a challenge that most businesses face. We all know that doing so is impossible. Even somehow manage, it might cost us a fortune.

But with the help of Cloud Computing, 24×7 availability is a lot easy for employees. They can access data, programs, or anything stored in the Cloud from any location. All they need is a device and an active Internet connection.

Apart from this, you can also keep track of what your team members are up to and ensure they are always being productive. This makes it possible for companies to remain available all the time and quickly respond to customer queries.

4. Best use of resources

In the traditional approach, many complications are involved when it comes to software licensing and annual renewals. Also, tracking the progress of employees and making sure they are contributing to our success is difficult.

However, with the help of Cloud computing, we can keep track of what employees are up to and ensure they are finishing their tasks on time. This improves business productivity.

5. Less capital expense

Another big advantage of cloud computing is that it eliminates expensive hourly rates that you must pay for hiring expensive IT professionals, installing expensive software, and receiving a consultation. With cloud computing, there is no need to worry about upfront consulting fee, neither you must sign costly support and maintenance contracts. Traditional IT demands you to keep up with the latest technology and infrastructure which is not the problem with Cloud computing. Also, there is no need to buy expensive technology. Instead, you can sign up for ready-to-use IT cloud services that require little or no entry cost. This ultimately results in less capital expense.

What do the stats say?

According to a survey conducted by Google and Deloitte, businesses using the cloud technology are able to grow 26 % faster and deliver 21% higher profits.

When these businesses were asked about their experience with cloud, 85% replied that cloud has helped them a lot in scaling their business and 79% replied that cloud has enabled them to access new markets and revenue streams. Also, 2/3 businesses believe that cloud has helped them stay one step ahead of competitors.

So, cloud can help you a lot in business growth.

Also, since the same survey states that more than 69% of businesses are planning to increase their use of the cloud technology in the next 3 years and cloud computing is a business worth $266 billion, the future of cloud computing appears bright. All you need is a business partner you can trust.

How can Softobiz help you reap the maximum benefits of Cloud?

At Softobiz, we have been using the power of cloud computing to help businesses level-up their game and grow their business since last 12 years. During this time, we have helped enterprises across the world successfully migrate to the cloud and enjoy its maximum benefits. So, we can also help you in cloud migration.

We can layout a well-thought cloud migration strategy by keeping in mind all important aspects like the value of ongoing operational cost reduction, preserving capital, up-sizing on-demand, downsizing on-demand, and agility. Then we can migrate your apps and services to the cloud which can otherwise be a challenging task. Apart from this, we can also help you set up a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud system using Software as a Service (SaaS).

Contact us to learn how cloud computing can offer immense value to your business.


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