Coder Remote Development Environment

Published on: Jan 02, 2023

The Coder remote development platform enables you to operate a development desktop computer on a remote server, while the local desktop machine is solely utilized for remote access. The open-source Coder, a remote development platform, is an alternative to GitHub code spaces. If self-hosted, Coder is open-source and free of charge. 

This approach overcomes many limitations of utilizing a local computer as a development environment. One of them is to maintain the data and codebase behind a firewall while enabling third-party developers to collaborate on development in a secure environment. 

Another advantage is that developers may have many machines built up with various projects, tools, operating systems, and customizations without having to set up multiple boots in a local computer. New developers’ ramp-up time is dramatically reduced in these remote development environments. 

Another primary consideration is that the distant computers’ characteristics may be tailored to the occasion, such as more RAM or CPU. In our experience, Web3 developers need various tools and sets while working on projects. Many protocols, frameworks, and networks must be installed on these computers in Web3, which increases the time required to set up and create these environments.  

One viable option is to set up a remote desktop environment for each project, eliminating the need to deal with setup and incompatibility issues.