Published on: Jan 02, 2023

NgRx Offering Reactive State Management for Angular Apps

We typically need to handle states while creating intricate single-page apps. Angular does not provide an adequate in-built support state management library. That’s why NgRx is used! 

NgRx is the finest library for Angular state management. NgRx Store offers reactive state management for Angular projects based on the Redux design paradigm. Redux is a design paradigm that uses actions or events to manage and update the application state. It acts as a central repository for a state that must be utilized across your whole application, and rules make sure that the state may only be changed in a controlled way. 

We may thus claim that NgRx is Angular’s Redux adaption. The NgRx idea is simple – it contains a single global store that acts as the application’s sole source of truth. Since the change logic is handled by NgRx Reducers and Effects, it offers loose coupling. 

Reducers are the components of an application that handle changes from one state to the next. Effects are used for side effects, including writing to browser storage, leveraging WebSockets to retrieve data and more. Effects have a more critical role in an extensive application since they are utilized for many abstract data sources from components. On behalf of components, effects manage interactions and external data. 

Effective state management is crucial if the reader is acquainted with Angular’s component-based design and micro frontends. A problem occurs when state adjustment is required for components at the same or higher levels. 

Without NgRx Redux, one may consider alternatives such as leveraging shared services. We discovered that approach is unsuccessful since it forces the solution’s components to be closely connected. Additionally, it has a technical issue: if the data reference changes in services, data in components won’t update. 

For novice angular developers, NgRx has a learning curve and is more complicated than any other framework. So, NgRx should only be used for complex or huge applications.