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Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi
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6 Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi as an Enterprise Application Integration

Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi

Connectivity plays a crucial role in today’s tech-driven and digitally transforming world. Enterprises need to use multi-purpose integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions to streamline their business operations and become more productive. However, with a variety of options available in the market, choosing an ideal multi-purpose integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is difficult.  

We have worked with various enterprise application integrations in past and have found that Dell Boomi can be an ideal choice because of its intelligent connectivity & integration solutions. Here are the reasons why choosing the iPaaS platform for your business can aid in your digital transformation journey: 

1. Powerful Connectivity Solutions 

As a unified and highly productive hybrid integration solution with a strong API strategy, Dell Boomi can solve even the most challenging connectivity problems. The API-led connectivity of the iPaaS solution allows you to build a network of apps, data, and devices and connect with apps, data, and business systems anywhere (on-premises or in the cloud). 

Dell Boomi also has a broad set of pre-built connectors that allow integration between any set of applications. This means you can seamlessly integrate your applications without the need for any software or coding.  

Another major benefit of Dell Boomi iPaaS is that it has a flexible architecture adaptable for every business. You even customize the iPaaS platform as per your business needs. It comes with robust tools, standard APIs, connectors, and reusable code blocks using which you can enhance the application networks the way you want. 

2. Improved Data Quality & Management 

The makers of Dell Boomi understand the importance of data quality and management very well. For this reason, they take all necessary measures to ensure enterprise can seamlessly manage their data and its quality is never compromised. 

The Master Data Hub functionality of Dell Boomi offers a holistic overview of the data management framework. You can see how data is flowing between various business systems and applications. The iPaaS platform even allows the systematic and strategic monitoring of data transfer through an operating system.  

Dell Boomi also measures and categorizes data and data silos which proves helpful in handling legacy systems and allows enterprises to make efficient business decisions while reducing time-to-market and scaling up the operation efficiency. 

Here are some other significant advantages of the master data hub functionality of Dell Boomi: 

  • Improved data transparency 
  • Enhanced data quality 
  • Comprehensive analytics 
  • Better decision making  
  • Real-time, bi-directional data flow  
  • Data governance  

3. Offering the Best Cloud Solutions  

An integrated hybrid cloud multi-purpose iPaaS solution is one of the best features of Dell Boomi. It strategically connects enterprise systems, users, applications, and data together. Doing so allows businesses to intelligently manage the IT infrastructure. 

Dell Boomi also comes with standalone modules like Atmosphere and MDM along with API management facilities and end-to-end support. Apart from this, the iPaaS solution is extremely scalable and easy-to-use. You can seamlessly integrate any apps with its simple drag-and-drop feature. 

Custom code script is another impressive functionality of Dell Boomi using which you can build and customize cloud solutions as per your requirements. This saves you a lot of time since you no longer have to spend time developing complex coding for even the simplest use cases. 

4. Ease of Integration & Connectivity 

Dell Boomi makes it easy for businesses to integrate with any application for a seamless flow with its powerful API strategies, pre-built connectors, and data mapping tools. The iPaaS platform offers an extensive list of pre-built connectors. It means you can easily integrate your system with applications that suit your business needs. You can even scale the enterprise application integration as per your business needs. Flexible deployment is another added advantage. 

With all these things, Dell Boomi eliminates unnecessary chaos of integration tools and provides an on-demand integration solution where you can choose the integration pattern that suits your business.  

Apart from this, the iPaaS platform can also help you work faster towards digital transformation by improving IT efficiencies.  

5. Full-stack Security 

The makers of Dell Boomi also take security seriously. That is why the platform is equipped with a three-tier full-stack security framework. It offers security at network & facilities infrastructure, application and platform layer, and data levels. 

Here are some other impressive security features of Dell Boomi: 

  • SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 security standards even prescribed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  
  • SSL 256-bit encryption and HTTPS port 43 to handle communications. 
  • A public and private x509 key with every user account registration and account activation (these keys are stored at data centers). 

With these security considerations, the iPaaS platform ensures that your enterprise data is fully protected from any threat.

6. Powerful API Strategy 

The powerful API strategy is another impressive feature of Dell Boomi. The iPaaS platform comes with a complete API lifecycle using which developers can develop, publish, and manage their APIs (Application Programming Interface) with the need to code much.  

Dell Boomi’s API platform also offers powerful strategies, connectors, and data mapping tools for quick and reliable integration without any need to replace legacy applications. As a result, the iPaaS platform fosters successful digital transformation. 

What do the Stats Say? 

What can be a better way to understand the business impact of Dell Boomi than stats. According to the Forrester research on the clients of the iPaaS platform: 

  • Staff productivity has improved by 70%. 
  • Dell Boomi gathered $3.4mn in incremental revenue. 
  • Businesses have saved $1.5mn in infrastructure cost and management. 
  • Over $1.1mn were saved by eliminating license fees that businesses had to pay on earlier integration solutions and reducing unnecessary burden on the IT staff. 
  • Development times were reduced by 70%. 
  • Businesses have saved over $1.1mn they had to spend on legacy software. 

That is why Dell Boomi is the best choice if you are looking forward to using an enterprise application integration. It can offer you the much-needed edge over your competitors and take your business productivity to great heights.  

However, just choosing Dell Boomi as an enterprise integration will not be enough. You will also need someone who has extensive experience working on the technology. As a certified Dell Boomi partner, we have been working with the technology for a long time in enterprise-grade solutions. So, we can also help make the most out of the technology. 

Talk to Our Dell Boomi Integration Specialists to know more about Dell Boomi and learn how you can use it to your advantage.


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