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How important is UI/UX
UI/UX Designing

How Important is UI/UX Design for Your Business?

How important is UI/UX

Most users leave a website in just 10-20 seconds. Over 28% of people uninstall an app within only two days of installing it. After seeing the disheartening stats, you’re probably asking: Why? Researchers asked the same question, and they found poor UI/UX design (User interface/ user experience design) to be the top reason why people stop engaging with a website or app. UI/UX is the most crucial aspect of a business, with the potential to make or break your brand.

Unfortunately, UI/UX is often underestimated and many businesses pay price in terms of user engagement and website traffic. Don’t allow your business to suffer the same fate. Here is why a good UI/UX is essential for your business:

1. Great UI/UX Results in Increased Customer Satisfaction

A bad UI/UX drives users away from your website or app. It results in nothing but poor customer satisfaction. On the other hand, an interactive UI/UX keeps users hooked and customers satisfied. It also increases the return of investment (ROI). That’s why it’s important to ensure an excellent UI/UX quality.

2. Users Stay Hooked on an Interactive UI/UX

According to a Microsoft study in Time magazine, humans have an attention span of only 8 seconds. This means users can focus on your website/app for only 8 seconds. After that, they either stay or leave.

Now, the users’ decision to explore or leave depends entirely on the UI/UX of your website or mobile app. If these users like the UI/UX and get the information they are looking for, they will stay for a couple of minutes or sometimes hours. That’s why your business should emphasize offering useful information along with interactive user experience.

3. Good UI/UX Helps in Establishing Your Brand Reputation

The first impression is the last impression. Did you know that over 75% of users make purchasing decisions based on colors? This means more than half of Internet users will not even bother to check your app or website if they don’t find the color appealing.

Therefore, you need to be careful while building the user experience of your app/website. You need to research what element your users like and what they don’t, and then design the user experience accordingly.

This can save you from making critical UI/UX mistakes, and it will establish your reputation in the market. This is especially helpful if you are a small startup. A flawless and interactive UI/UX can help in establishing your market reputation as a brand.

4. You Get More Traffic on a Great UI/UX

IT is a competitive field. Over a hundred companies out there are offering the same type of products and services. How will you stand out? What will you do to make sure users pay attention to your website/app? Well, that’s where the UI/UX comes into play.

A great UI/UX always makes users stay. If your website/app is designed brilliantly and user experience is spectacular, nothing can stop them from navigating to the pre-determined target and turning them into valuable customers. Hence, it’s the responsibility of you and the UI/UX Developers’ responsibility to ensure the highest quality UI/UX of your website/app.

Interesting UI/UX Design Facts

Here are some interesting figures recently gathered from a source:

  • Intentional and strategic user experience can raise conversion rates by 400%
  • 74% of people return to a website if it’s optimized for mobile
  • $1 investment in UX brings $2-$100 investment

All these stats prove that a good UI/UX can have a spectacular effect on your business. It can bring more users on your website/app, make them stay for longer sessions, convince them to buy your product, and significantly boost your productivity. That’s why focusing on the UI/UX design is important if you want to grow your business.

How Can You Improve the UI/UX?

After realizing the importance of UI/UX design in business, you might be wondering how to make the user experience of your website/app better. Here are a couple of tips from our UI/UX experts at Softobiz:

  1. Know what your audience wants.
  2. Put yourself in users’ shoes and ask this question: Would I be happy with the user experience if someone else created it?
  3. Don’t flood your app/website with too many elements. Instead, keep it simple and precise.
  4. Offer only what users want, not what you desire.
  5. Make the Sign In process simple.
  6. Don’t let your customers get lost or confused.
  7. Make the design feel real to the user.
  8. Observe other people’s work and learn.
  9. Consider human psychology, color patterns, and behavior in your design.

By keeping these critical UI/UX design factors in mind, you can ensure the best user experience on your app/website. You can also contact us if you the idea of a great product in mind and want to ensure that it offers the best user experience. With our UI/UX expertise, we can help you help you build user-centric products that win the hearts of your customers.


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