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Softobiz: A technology-first company that also offers staff augmentation solutions

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Introduction: The Google way

You’ve probably heard this story before.

Jonathan Rosenberg, the VP of Product Management at Google, was having a hard time recruiting product managers.

He would attract some of the best talent from Stanford and Harvard MBA Programs, only to be rejected by Larry Page, the brilliant co-founder of Google.

When he finally asked Larry where he was going wrong, the latter told Jonathan to quit telling engineers what to do, and to stop hiring non-engineers to do it too.

The-then rising star at Google and the future CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, finally connected the dots for Jonathan. Instead of hiring MBAs as product managers, she proposed, he should hire computer science majors with an interest in business.

The only way Page would allow a layer of managers to come between himself and Google engineers, Marissa reasoned, was if this layer comprised other engineers.

It worked. Soon, Jonathan was able to hire an army of product managers.

The Softobiz way

At Softobiz, we can relate to the vision of the talismanic co-founder of Google. Which is why we do not identify as a staff augmentation business that offers IT services.

With a core focus on cloud and data, we are a technology-first company that offers digital transformation and product engineering services to enterprises worldwide. We design, build and support digital platforms and products by leveraging our expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

Our staff augmentation and strategic partnership solutions comprise the following two business models:

  • Staff Augmentation Cost Plus Model – End-to-end hiring & management of full-time personnel for our customers for an extended period
  • Project Model – For short-term client requirements

The following are some of the IT solutions we offer to our staff augmentation strategy partners:

  • Generative AI – data analytics, UX, customer service, product design, assistive coding, content creation, project and workflow management and cybersecurity
  • UX/UI – market research, user behavior analysis, design thinking, testing, prototyping, MVPs and investor showcasing
  • Cloud Computing– strategy, migration and security
  • Digital transformation – strategy, migration, API Gateways and security
  • Blockchain development – enterprise blockchain, NFT marketplace, Hyperledger, crypto wallet, cryptocurrency exchange platform, private blockchain, smart contract, end-to-end dApps (decentralized applications) and blockchain consultancy.

For a more comprehensive discussion, reach out to us.

To showcase our unique value proposition, we have used the example of Agile implementation in this blog to cover the common challenges organizations encounter when transitioning from waterfall techniques.

We have also explored how our teams of veteran engineers and specialists can help you overcome these challenges, deliver on your value proposition and 10X productivity.

Change, or perish!

To remain competitive, companies must constantly grow and evolve. Agile transformation is one way organizations can stay nimble.

Businesses that can successfully adopt new technology and transform their business models are emerging as market leaders in their industries.

For example, the Dutch operations of BNP Paribas were able to 3X their software releases by scaling their automated agile testing.

Unfortunately, companies often face the following challenges when pursuing agile transformation. Thankfully, technology partners like Softobiz can help you overcome these challenges.

Aligning aspirations with objectives

At its core, Agile is a redesign of the way an organization or department operates. Without a top-down approach, agile technologies and digital tools will not be able to deliver on their promises.

Without the integration of agile tools, domain experts will be left high and dry on where they fit into the new processes and unable to set up essential feedback loops.

At Softobiz, we communicate business expectations and what agile can achieve at the outset, setting realistic goals for the project and ensuring that all the stakeholders are on the same page from the get-go.

Change inertia

Resistance to change is a common challenge faced by teams during the transition to Agile team management. Team members may be skeptical of new methodologies, fearing that they may increase workload or disrupt the workflow.

With a productivity-first approach, our Agile experts create an environment of candid and transparent communication, ensuring that stakeholders are comfortable raising their queries, resulting in the empowerment of every team member.

Daily communication

Daily Communications

To ensure a steady progress of the project, Agile requires a constant exchange of knowledge. This involves daily communication.

By establishing multiple communication channels, both written (instant messaging, Slack, and email) and verbal (informal exchanges and standups), our team of specialists ensures efficient and successful Agile team management.

Leadership buy-in

Team leaders, even those who are spearheading the transition from waterfall business processes to Agile, sometimes unintentionally fall short of providing adequate support to their team members, resulting in demotivation.

To counter this, our Agile experts train both the team members and their leaders. We also define the success metrics to ensure continuous executive support.

Cross-departmental liaison

Agile methodology is superior to the waterfall approach for software projects. The key to its success lies in effective coordination across multiple departments throughout the organization.

Our team of experts ensures efficient collaboration across departments so that your team doesn’t have to constantly cater to legacy requirements.

Time management

Time Management

Uninitiated Agile teams routinely fall prey to incorrect assessment of upcoming work scope, leading to overall process scope.

Not us. Our team of veteran Agile implementation experts plans for one project milestone at a time, developing an intricate understanding of all activities for the given period and ensuring that the developers have realistic estimations of their tasks.

No, one size does not fit all

At Softobiz, we understand that the highly publicized Agile models are often holistic views of projects that are more complex at a granular level.

Agile team management is unique to each company’s culture and its successful implementation depends upon constantly improvising and innovating on traditional approaches.

Information silos

One common obstacle businesses face when transitioning to Agile methodology is information silos.

By ensuring that stakeholders create detailed documentation in a central hub, our Agile experts ensure that vital information and workflows are easily accessible to everybody.

Agile champions

Successful deployment of Agile methodology requires a collaborative mindset that possesses the ability and willingness to work towards common goals in a result-oriented and incremental way.

Our team of specialists is skilled at spotting Agile champions or ambassadors who have the perfect blend of technical know-how and soft skills to drive the transformation.

Conflict with conventional management techniques

When engaging with non-technical business operations, Agile sometimes conflicts with conventional waterfall management.

At Softobiz, we make the effort to train key stakeholders in Agile. If required, we also undertake a parallel Agile model till such time the business and product teams are in sync.

Project financing

Project Financing

Agile projects are iterative by nature, making it tricky for traditional budgeting to align with the flexible approach of Agile.

By shifting the focus from fixed budgets tied to rigid plans to value-driven outcomes, our Agile experts help companies rethink their financing models and support iterative development.

Risk appetite

Risk Management

Unlike conventional and more structured approaches, Agile transition calls for continuous improvement, adaptability, and flexibility.

By encouraging prototyping and experimentation, our team of specialists creates an environment of innovation and continuous improvement where stakeholders are willing to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.


We are an IT company with 15+ years of industry expertise in core technologies and hundreds of successful projects and satisfied clients, that also offers staff augmentation services.

As a technology-first partner of choice for market leaders and industry trailblazers, our illustrious list of patrons includes the who’s who of Fortune 500 companies.

If you are looking for a strategic partner that can assuage your staffing woes or simply want to know more about the Softobiz way of creating business success stories, connect with us today.


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