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delivering innovation
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Delivering innovation across industries

delivering innovation

“Innovation is the calling card of the future.” Anna Eshoo

Changing consumer expectations call for innovation across industries. It is no longer enough for a company to have expertise and competency in a single industry. Seemingly disparate industries look to other sectors for innovation, for example, health care now looks across to consumer electronics to integrate mobile app-centric models for exchanging real-time patient data with healthcare providers.

Hence, to survive the cut-throat market competition, businesses must be capable of delivering innovation. They must come up with better ideas and solutions. Innovation is something we can’t avoid.

We understand this very well. That’s why it has always been our prime focus to ensure that our designers, developers, and DevOps engineers are delivering innovation so that they can always bring great ideas for the products of our clients.

How we are delivering innovation across industries

1. Being aware of the latest industry innovations

Awareness is the first step to innovation. We can only create something new if we know what’s happening in the industry at present.

Hence, we make it a point to inform our employees about all latest inventions and updates in the IT industry, whether it’s related to Cloud Computing, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Mobile app development, or it’s just some generic information.

How we keep our employees informed of the latest industry updates?

  • Group posts
  • Seminars
  • Monthly meet sessions

This keeps the team members in touch with the latest trends, come with solutions that meet the changing market trends, and delivering innovation.

2. Using the latest technology stack

“A vision without action is just a dream” – Joel A. Baker.

Even if we are aware with the latest updates and inventions in your industry, there’s no use unless we execute that knowledge and come up with out-of-the-box ideas. And for this, we need access to the latest technical stack.

So, we equip our team members with the state-of-the-art software for DevOps, Cloud Computing, UI/UX, and Agile Software Development.

Tools we use at Softobiz

For DevOps

  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

For Cloud Computing

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • OpenStack


  • Adobe XD
  • Illustrator
  • Balsamiq
  • Invisionapp

For Agile Sofware Development

  • Jira Agile
  • LeanKit
  • VSTS

You can view the full list here.

These tools give our designers, developers, and DevOps engineers enough freedom to effectively bring out innovative ideas.

3. Enhance skills through training

Apart from keeping the employees informed and giving them access to the latest tools, we also focus on giving them a proper training. We hold regular seminars and training sessions in which elite professionals from the IT world

How training helps employees?

  • They learn what industry practices experts are using
  • They learn how to use these tools to their maximum potential.
  • Learning from elite professionals help these employees polish their skills

Overall, this training and seminars help employees become prepared for the challenges that the advancement in the IT industry brings along.

How this approach has helped us deliver innovation across industries?

1. Starteo: Campaign Management Made Simple

Industry: Marketing & Campaign Management

Creating & managing campaigns and marketing funnels is a daunting task, especially if you must create it from scratch.

However, Starteo simplifies the whole process. You just need to create a campaign (either from pre-defined options or from the scratch), add products, and start selling.

What’s innovative in Starteo?

  • Options to choose from multiple templates
  • Options to customize everything in the campaign as per your choice
  • Analytical tools to track down campaign statistics
  • Easy payment options
  • Advanced integrations
  • Social sharing
  • Custom opt-in box
  • Starteo-Zapier integration to transfer user data to third-party apps

Starteo User Testimonial

I love the simple, faster design of Starteo, It’s not an overwhelming number of features Compared to some other alternatives.

Brenda Lee,
Starteo User

2. ClientPoint

Industry: Business Proposal Creation

ClientPoint takes the process of business proposal creation to a whole new level. All thanks to this handy platform, you can make your proposal more effective by adding different media like images, videos, GIFs, PPT slides, Doc files, etc. You even have options to track these business proposals so that you can see if the other person has seen it or not.

What’s innovative in ClientPoint?

  • Lightning-fast proposal creation
  • Option to add different types of media (images, videos, GIFs, PPT files) in the proposals
  • Tracking option to see if the other person has viewed the proposal or not
  • A variety of templates to choose from
  • Auto-fill option that lets you send the same business proposal to multiple people at the same time

ClientPoint User Testimonial

Our sales team is happier and more motivated now because they have 65% more time to spend selling and interacting with prospects and clients.

Marsden Building Maintenance

3. Agent Alive

Industry: Insurance and Finance

Agent Alive saves insurance agents from much hard work. They no longer need to track people and manually book insurance policies. Instead, they can do the whole thing from their phone. This saves both their time and their efforts.

What’s innovative about Agent Alive?

  • Live video call & chat
  • Real-time e-sign
  • Screen sharing and recording
  • Mobile device scanning
  • Customer insurance wallet for easy document access

Agent Alive User Testimonial

Agent Alive truly brings back the value of an agent. It was becoming increasingly difficult to provide the client the convenience they can get with an online insurance company. Now agents can provide convenience and receive the truly irreplaceable value an agent brings.

Bennie C. Villanueva

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