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Migration Strategy
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Migration Strategy: Shifting Your Business from a Local Server to Cloud

Migration Strategy

As a part of our migration strategy, we offer serverless migration at Softobiz. The process involves moving your organization workflow from a local server to the cloud. Doing so results in efficient scaling, increased fault tolerance, and reduced server maintenance costs on your Website/Web App.

Migration Strategy: Three Paths to Help You Get Started

1. Ice Cream Scoop Strategy

The strategy implies ‘scooping out’ different components within the monolith into separate services. The biggest advantage of doing so is that our gradual migration reduces risk without impacting the uptime and end-user experience. Get one component from the monolithic application, develop it as a microservice, and then put it into production. It’s so simple.

2. Nuclear Bomb Strategy

The nuclear bomb strategy requires rewriting the entire monolithic application into microservices at once. We may still support the old monolith with hot-fixes and patches, yet we would build every new feature in the new codebase. This allows the organization to re-think how things are done and how they can effectively rewrite the app from scratch. They can overcome all the bugs that can occur in the monolithic application, choose whatever technology is needed for building the new microservices, and add new features.

3. Legacy Microservice Strategy

In the legacy microservice strategy, we build new features as microservices while keeping the monolithic app intact.  Then we stack both the monolithic app and the microservices on the top of each other in a hybrid architecture. This results in increased speed and reduced efforts as you don’t have to work much on the monolith. Also, the features can be developed in a short time period. The strategy is ideal for organizations that want to maintain their existing monolith along with the new microservices.

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