Chakra UI

Published on: Jan 02, 2023

Chakra UI – Sleek UI Components to Create Accessible React Apps 

Every project needs a solid front end since it is the user’s initial point of contact and your one opportunity to create a good impression. Nobody will be interested in APIs, backend components, or even the data shown if the front end is unattractive, slow, or doesn’t fit into the broader context. 

Therefore, it is essential to concentrate on producing fantastic UXs that are high-quality and responsive in every online project. Custom UI elements must be built from the ground up, which requires time and money. Currently, Chakra UI is one of the top options for React’s Ui component. 

The WAI-ARIA standards may be used to access each component of the Chakra UI, which is a hot issue for those who spend time designing and developing UIs. The components of Chakra UI are compact and simple to combine to create more complex design frameworks. They are also easy to alter, expand, and style.  

Compared to other React UI frameworks like React Bootstrap, Material UI, etc., Chakra UI offers more excellent style and customization options. Additionally, Chakra UI follows the same simple and modular approach as Tailwind CSS, so if you like it, you’ll like it.