Published on: Jan 02, 2023

Storybook: A Centralized Repository of UX Design Patterns

If you’ve ever been a part of a large development team, you’ve undoubtedly observed that larger teams are less productive. As the number of team members rises, so does the number of miscommunications. 

These reflect the number of reworks for the UX team; the previous UI patterns need to be remembered or recorded. That means developers often spin the wheel instead of concentrating on creating new business features. Additionally, with time, projects get cluttered with unique parts misplaced in project repositories. 

The benefit of Storybook is that it helps maintain some organization for all components across projects and repositories. The Storybook Design System organizes and keeps existing UI components in a centralized source. As a result, developers may refrain from copying and pasting identical UI components into the code bases of several projects by reusing them across projects. 

Storybook may also serve as a central repository for UX design patterns, allowing us to create and test UI elements separately before integrating them into other projects. In their native codebase, projects may further customize design system components as necessary. 

The Storybook may be where all the components are sourced and maintained if the reader is acquainted with micro frontends and component-based architecture. Anyone may explore and reuse components using it as a display catalog.