Bring A Fully-Decentralized Ecosystem with Hyperledger

Power the development of decentralized digital products with open-source technologies – hyperledger & blockchain. Softobiz builds scalable, secure, and resilient enterprise-ready private blockchain products with its hyperledger development services. Focus on the growth of your company, streamline the industrial operations, increase the opportunity with fast & secure hyperledger & blockchain development. We have strong proficiency in handling industry-specific hyperledger enterprise products.

"You need to put innovation at the heart of your applications."

Gaurav Murghai, Chief Executive Officer -

Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

In-house One-stop Hyperledger Blockchain Consultancy Services

In-house One-stop Hyperledger Blockchain Consultancy Services

Develop & deploy hybrid (off-chain and on-chain) projects building smart contracts and setting Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth, Iroha, Burrow, Indy, and Corda frameworks. Softobiz is a leading Hyperledger blockchain development company promising a unique transformational business journey of the idea into a robust business solution. Our blockchain experts use the right technologies and tools to transform your business by integrating automation & enhancing the blockchain features.

"They exceeded our expectations by delivering more than expected."

Casey Zaman - Founder & CEO,


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Hyperledger Blockchain Development Enabling Enterprise Businesses

Hyperledger Blockchain Development Enabling Enterprise Businesses

Advance your business's cross-industry collaboration by deploying distributed open-source ledger or Hyperledger blockchain-powered products. Softobiz brings stable ecosystems and infrastructure to develop hybrid (off-chain and on-chain) blockchain projects with Hyperledger implementing network platforms, smart contracts, enhanced data privacy, user-friendliness, and security.

"The team correctly understood the requirements and built an amazing product. Highly recommended."

Grant Miller - Founder,

Agent Alive

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Building Permissioned Networks on Different Hyperledger Frameworks

Building Permissioned Networks on Different Hyperledger Frameworks

Offering flexible network access rights and increased ability to create a private system, a private blockchain. Creating new blocks by integrating consensus, node validation algorithms, and encryption keys for transaction confidentiality. Softobiz Hyperledger blockchain services incorporate a wide choice of programming languages to deploy blockchain-as-a-service. Foster your private blockchain business ahead across different industries in an enterprise ecosystem.

"We are amazed by their technical expertise and in-depth thinking."

Laurence Abrams - Founder and Chairman,


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Competent dApps Development to Scale Your Existing Businesses

Competent dApps Development to Scale Your Existing Businesses

Optimize the complex business execution task by building custom dApps, PoCs, and MVPs and migrating legacy applications to enhance your existing dApps. Create value and impactful blockchain applications on Hyperledger frameworks, integrating custom business logic & chain code enabling the best dApps in your business industry. Softobiz skilled decentralized app developers provide a myriad of services to create different versions of apps before deployment.

"We were always confident that they'd deliver an on-time high-quality result. In the end, Softobiz impressed us with its development architecture, services & teamwork."



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Leverage our industry experience, transform your business via blockchain technology, uncover new possibilities, and develop a powerful, feature-rich Hyperledger blockchain application & solutions.