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Outsourcing IT Services
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Should You Outsource IT Services?

Outsourcing IT Services

You should outsource IT services without any doubt. With time, technology has overpowered organizational operations. With the increase in real-time demands, businesses don’t invest much in handling complex and time-consuming chores in-house. They do not put much effort into hiring dedicated employees for specific responsibilities, investing considerably in building and maintaining expensive frameworks and resources, and setting data centers in-house. Instead, they look for reliable partners for outsourcing their IT services.

While outsourcing has been a debatable topic for years, it’s still managed to be a preferred choice for most companies today.

Outsourcing satisfaction

  • Many large, successful organizations have practiced outsourcing approach with spectacular success.
  • A few others have discovered certain challenges with outsourcing that made it a complex process for them. A few backed off completely while some others retreated from outsourcing and tried bringing their business processes back in-house. However, they realized that reversing the process is even more complex as they still lack resources and skills.

Nevertheless, the outsourcing industry has been thriving each year with an increasing number of companies to the list.

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So, what are the potential reasons that drive organizations towards outsourcing?

Why Should you Outsource IT Services?

Reasons for outsourcing

From reducing operational costs and being able to focus on better business planning, there has been a shift in industry thinking. Now, both small and big enterprises have varied reasons to believe in outsourcing.

1. Reduce & Control Operational Cost

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Outsourcing IT services frees organizations from the burden of tasks like hiring an IT team for various roles, supplies, and maintenance of a separate IT department, etc. This helps them save considerably on paying salaries, training employees, resource availability, employment taxes, etc. Not only this, outsourcing IT services helps them transform fixed IT costs into a variable cost. With outsourcing IT services, it is like “pay as you go”, which means companies can either buy predefined service packages from the vendors or pay for the services they seek. This helps them plan their budgets more efficiently.

2. Improving the IT capabilities to a higher competence

When it comes to outsourcing, it’s like achieving the best of two worlds. It may be virtually impossible for any organization to learn advanced IT skills and know the ins-and-outs of all the technologies they might need. Neither they can train their internal team on a specific tech when a project arrives. And even if they do so, it might take longer than a subject matter expert (SMEs) in accomplishing the same technical task. Outsourcing your IT needs to a technical expert helps you attain competence higher than achievable in-house. Moreover, you reap the advantages of the collective experience of both the internal team and IT professionals; the internal team can focus on what they are good at while getting support from the IT outsourcing team as and when needed.

3. Best of breed implementation with Superior Quality Service

What do you expect when you hire a professional? Quality service, obviously! The same goes for outsourcing IT services.

The environment in the outsourcing industry is entirely different from that in the internal team. While the employees are certain about getting paid for whatever tasks they accomplish within a specified duration, say a month, the outsourcing partner has to earn their profits by delivering quality services. They will also strive to offer quality in output by combining their expertise and implementing proven solutions and by involving highly skilled staff than what is found in many IT departments. Hence, organizations get quality services without getting involved in any technicalities.

4. Keeping up with the market changes

Adapting to market changes and technological innovations isn’t scalable for all. While industry giants can still manage to adopt certain technology, a majority of old-school businesses and startups cannot even touch the radar. It is neither possible for them to train their staff with advanced skills, and hence they struggle to operate in a highly competitive digital environment causing survival issues.

Digital transformation has also taken place on the buyer side. The way they demand services these days has even made it challenging for start-ups and old-school businesses to fulfill their needs to the highest standards. Groundbreaking innovations are crucial to compete with the changing market needs. Incorporating these innovations in an organizational system is often achieved by outsourcing services to reliable and experienced IT professionals.

5. Minimize Risk and Disaster Recovery

A major issue that organizations face while implementing IT in their processes is Cyber threats and risks. When a cyber-attack hits, it directly impacts the entire operational flow of an organization putting its confidential data at stake. Unfortunately, most companies are ill-equipped to deal with such situations causing to halt workflow immediately. Also, a delay in immediate repairs can have dire consequences.

An experienced IT outsourcing partner in such situations can take immediate measures and prevent havoc for organizations. They are also equipped with monitoring resources that can detect any risk or threat in advance. This helps them take necessary actions to ensure unexpected situations are avoided.

Outsourcing can be a remarkable success if done for the right reasons and is pursued with realistic expectations. By finding the right outsourcing IT partner, organizations can achieve their IT goals while streamlining their operational processes.

Softobiz has been a reliable IT outsourcing partner for many organizations across the globe. It’s been 11+ years we have been consulting about and offering various IT services to all our clients to their utmost satisfaction.

If you are also looking for a reliable IT outsourcing partner, contact us. We will help you the best way possible.


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