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Thanksgiving Day
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Softobiz’s Thanksgiving : When Everyone Extended Gratitude to Peers

Thanksgiving Day

“The great day of Thanksgiving is here,

Hearts are poured with kindness,

Eyes are filled with joy.

Let’s all extend our hands together, say aloud in a voice

Thanks for the precious gift, Almighty!!

We are gratified to have this life.”

A day passed in jollity! It was the auspicious day of Thanksgiving, an occasion to express our gratitude to our friends, family, and colleagues for adding meaning to our life and making it cheerful and elated. To add to the spirit, Softobiz celebrated the special day in the office premises. 

Thanksgiving at Softobiz

Started as a harvest celebration to thank the Almighty for the first rain, the Thanksgiving Day has many stories associated with its origin. What has remained the same is the enthusiasm and eagerness among people to celebrate the day. Even after 400 years, people wake up and say thank you for what they have got in their life. They express their gratitude to their loved ones who have played an active role in helping them grow and become a better person. Friends and families gather for a delicious meal.  

At Softobiz, we have always believed that expressing gratitude is what keeps you humble and inspire you to grow.

So, how could we miss this chance to express our gratitude?

To celebrate this day, we thought to do something special to make this Thanksgiving Day memorable. So, we decided this theme for the event:

“Pen and pass the words of gratitude”

For peers, it was just a normal day. They had no idea that we had something special in store for them. The moment they entered the office, they were distributed Thanksgiving cards. Team Softobiz informed each team member that we have created an opportunity for them to extend their gratitude to the person who had been a great support and inspired them to become a better version of themselves. Each team member had to write a Thank You message for that special person and pin it at his/her desk.

Writing Thank You Note

Every member was excited with this idea and immediately they had at least one person in mind who they wanted to thank, because we believe that there is always something about someone to thank for. Suddenly a different energy filled the atmosphere, and everyone started writing their gratitude. Some of them even opted for additional cards, because thanking one person was not enough for them. While some got one, many others received numerous. But not a single employee was left out being unsaid, “Thank You!”. 

The expressions people had after receiving the Thank You cards from their peers were priceless. Emotions like astonishment and joy outburst like never before.  

To sweeten the moments, the entire Softobiz team was treated with delicious cupcakes as a token of gratitude from the company.   

This Thanksgiving was special because it taught us that even a small gesture of Thank You can be a beautiful initiative. It can put a smile on someone’s face and leave them with countless memories. It can even forge strong bonds that last lifetime. 

Thanksgiving 3

After all this, we haven’t forgotten our beloved clients.  

We extend our sincere gratitude to help make Softobiz what it is today. Thanks a lot for your support throughout the year. Hoping that you will have a joyous and fun-filled eve. Can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in the upcoming year. 

Happy Thanksgiving Day!! 😊  


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