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Christmas at Softobiz
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Christmas at Softobiz: Showering Joy and Happiness

Christmas at Softobiz

The corporate lifestyle is not just about work but also about celebrating each moment together. And how can we miss a special occasion like Christmas? Do you remember how intrigued we used to get by the idea of celebrating Christmas? How eagerly we used to wait for Santa Claus to place gifts under the Christmas tree?

Even if the stories of Santa Claus coming with gifts no longer enchant us, who would not get intrigued by getting a gift at Christmas? Even if we no longer sing Christmas carols, who would want to miss the joy of dancing on Christmas jingles? There will be hardly anyone who would not be in a party mood on this wonderful occasion. Christmas is all about spreading love, joy, and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

That is why, this Christmas, we at Softobiz wanted to do something special for our members who have been contributing to our growth for years. We wanted to be their Secret Santa and put a smile on their lovely faces.

Just to give everyone a hint that this year’s Christmas celebrations were going to be grand, decorations started 2 days back. After reaching the office premises, everyone could not help but stop and praise the beautifully decorated Christmas tree along with other decorations at the reception.

But that was just a teaser. The real joy was yet to be revealed the next day.

Day 1: December 24, 2019

While the stories of old Santa Claus blessing us with gifts sound intriguing, we believe that we can be someone’s secret Santa and put a smile on their face. Inspired by this belief and to multiply the joy and excitement of our team, we decorated the workplace on a grand scale and placed gifts under the Christmas tree.

On entering the workplace premises, everyone was wondering: what all this is about? Well, the secret unfolded the moment, they received this note along with a box of sweets and a greeting card on their work desk:

Santa has left blessings at the reception area. Kindly pick yours!

After reading the note, their faces gleamed with joy and they went to the reception to pick their Christmas gift.

Christmas Decorations 1

The excitement of our members increased tenfold when they opened the box of sweets, clicked pictures with the Christmas tree, and unwrapped the gifts they received. For a moment, it looked that the real Santa Claus had come and fulfilled their wishes. Seeing this, we also could not hide our joy.

Christmas Client Gifts at Softobiz

It was not just the employees who had received gifts. Since we equally value our clients, we had also presented them with a beautiful box of goodies with fine wine. We are sure that it had put a smile on their faces as well and they might have enjoyed the wine. After all, even a simple gesture can make someone’s day. Moreover, holidays are a special time to share the warmth and acknowledge the indebtedness for the people who do business with you all year long. Softobiz family believes in sharing gratitude with its clients.“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness”

The evening was made even more special with a special treat of Pizza from La Pinoz, something without which every office party seems dry. In the end, it was a beautiful day on which everyone made remarkable memories.

Day 2: December 25, 2019

The next day was Christmas. While everyone was having a great time outside, how could we miss to make the day of our employees special? To make their Christmas merrier, we organized a game of Twister in which every participant had to walk while matching the position of their feet and hands with the prints on the floor. All the participants were brilliant and gave a tough competition to each other. But in the end, only one can be a winner and the winner of this game was Lakhwinder Kumar who outranked others with his excellent motor skills and flexible movements.

Christmas Day Game

The holiday season is the time when we take to reflect on all the good things we have. Our thoughts also gratefully turn to people who have made our success possible. It’s clients like you who have made our jobs easier and our lives more fulfilling. It’s in that spirit we say thank you and wish you the best for this holiday season and the upcoming year. We appreciate our partnership and hope that it will continue to blossom for many years to come.

Thank you for being you and helping us become what we are today. Merry Christmas and happy new year once again!


All of us at Softobiz


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