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Agile Mindset Minimum
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Agile Mindset: Starting Agile Success Journey with Right Mindset

Agile Mindset Minimum

Agile development is not only about knowing agile methodologies like Scrum; It begins with an agile mindset. It is about keeping the right attitude to achieve the results without compromising the core values. Getting the mindset right to achieve the highest level of performance is the key to success at Softobiz.

That is why we focus on the following five key values to create an agile working environment:

1. Collaborate to Communicate Clearly

Collaboration is the key. For this reason, we hold regular scrum meetings to discuss the project progress. We also encourage team members to come up with new ideas. Doing so keeps every member updated with the project progress while innovating and implementing new ideas.

2. Embrace Challenges

We have a highly experienced agile team at Softobiz. All team members are always willing to face new challenges and adopt new changes. Also, Softobiz has a flat team structure so that the team members can challenge each other and bring out the best. The approach has helped us develop and launch innovative products in the market.

3. Set Priorities & Define Boundaries

Doing the right things at the right time is critical. You may know everything you need to develop, but if you don’t do it in the correct order, you might miss some great opportunities. Sometimes functional requirements are more critical than non-functional ones. Based on this, our business and project management team help you set and implement priorities in the right order.

4. Incremental Delivery

We follow Feature driven development (FDD) approach at Softobiz that focuses on delivering the project on an incremental basis. Doing so helps us develop and release builds faster, get more feedback from Stakeholders, take crucial business decisions, and ensure the success of the product.

5. Fail Fast to Succeed Soon

Failure always adds to one’s experience. That’s why we at Softobiz believe in failing fast. We achieve this at multiple steps in the process like doing prototyping before design, doing a proof of concept to validate the idea, or releasing a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the market. Doing so makes your team well-prepared and reduces the chances of failure during the actual product launch.

All these values help our agile team to quickly adopt to changing client needs and deliver innovative solutions without roadblocks.

Start your digital transformation journey with the right mindset.

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