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Diwali 2019
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Diwali 2019: How We Celebrated the Festival of Lights @Softobiz

Diwali 2019

Shining lights! Impressive decors! People dressed in ethnic attires! And a smile on everyone’s face – that’s how the environment was at the Softobiz office for the last 5 days. We had organized the “Diwali Celebrations” in the office this whole week.
Diwali is the biggest festival in India. We all eagerly wait for the whole year to celebrate it. The spirits are quite high on this occasion, and why would they not be? After all, the event is so special. According to Hindu Mythology, this was the day when Lord Rama returned home after 14 years of exile.
Considering that the festival is so big and we all were waiting for the occasion with so much enthusiasm, we decided to make this Diwali special and organized the 5-days long Diwali week.

Day 1:

We could feel the festive vibes the moment we entered the Softobiz premise. The office was so beautifully decorated that we wanted to stop for a while and praise the efforts the employees had to make the office ambiance more vibrant.
People were dressed in ethnic clothes. They were meeting and greeting each other with enthusiasm and smiles on their faces. This was the first day of the Diwali Celebration Week that we had conducted at Softobiz which was made even more special with the “Golgappa Competition” and the game of “Tongue Twisters”. We also nominated Mr. and Ms. Ethnic. Choosing was difficult though as everyone looked good.

Day 2.

While the Softobiz office had the same majestic aura and happy people dressed in traditional wear, we decided to add more colors to 2nd-day activities with Chumbak Game and 1-minute surprise game.

Day 3.

The fun tripled as the festive week proceeded. On the third day, the celebrations taught us that hustle can be fun sometimes! The one-minute ‘War for goodies’ came as a big surprise for employees which brought along gifts turn after turn. And then the Tambola…we never knew crossing a few numbers could win us so many gifts. Indeed, the third day was a bundle of joy and offerings.

Day 4.

The vibrance of colors intensified the happy moments when our women professionals tried their hands at drawing beautiful Rangolis for the Rangoli Competition. Seeing their artistic sides made us feel pride about the multi-talented team of people we have.

Day 5.

Goodbyes are hard to say and so was it for Diwali Week. And why not? The fifth and the final day was the real fun. Starting traditionally, we welcomed all the members of the Softobiz family in Indian style with “tikka” on their head and tying a holy thread, rakshasutra” on their wrists. The celebrations were followed by distributing gifts and wishes to all the members of the Softobiz family. The joy magnified when everyone started grooving on the music. Participants and winners of the week-long activities were also awarded prizes. The 5-day long Diwali Celebration came to end with a family photograph.

The best thing about this event was that we found out our team members are not just good at coding. They are also active participants and team players. It was all no less than a bunch of moments to be cherished for life.

And how can we forget our readers!

“Happy Diwali from the Softobiz family! May the festival brings you more happiness and prosperity”.


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