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EasyWebinar: Learn about the origin of the biggest webinar platform


Being an entrepreneur with a global clientele, I very well understand the complexities of connecting with clients, partners located in different corners of the world. Having an online meeting with a single person is not a big deal. But the problem occurs when I am required to invite multiple participants for an online conference or a webinar. No doubt there are many webinar tools in the market, but they only offer live streaming and my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to sit in front of a screen and kickstart the video right away.”

These are the words of our client Casey Zeman when he approached us with the idea of EasyWebinar. He wanted us to create a webinar platform that could set him and all entrepreneurs free from the strict schedule without affecting their business networking.

“My current webinar tools fail to prove in terms of audio-video quality. So, I need something that can offer the best quality throughout,” Casey further added.

So, we had to create an online webinar platform that offered real-time streaming with live & automated webinar capabilities, high video quality, supported multiple participants at the same time, and that could simplify the marketing efforts of entrepreneurs.

The idea sounded intriguing. Yet, it was full of challenges.

  • The biggest hurdle was to bring our idea of a live & automated webinar platform into reality. The market was already swamped with many live webinars. So, developing another webinar platform that stands ahead of the competition by offering both the capabilities was not an easy task.
  • Another challenge was to create a platform where users could stream webinars without having to install a plugin or native app of any kind.
  • We also had to ensure that all the webinars produced are in HD quality and can be accessed on multiple platforms.
  • Handling concurrent live webinar sessions, scaling the platform on-demand during high traffic, integrating the webinar platform with different CRMs, and providing users with detailed insights of each session were other issues that had to be addressed.

This is how we resolved all these issues:

  • We used WebRTC technology to allow users to stream live webinar sessions in HD quality on different devices without having to install third-party plugins.
  • An effective DevOps strategy was developed to handle the concurrent live webinar sessions and server overload during high traffic.
  • Zapier integration was used to integrate EasyWebinar with different CRMs.
  • The scalable group chat, as well as a record viewer that is used to collect important insights about each webinar session, was created with the help of a and the node.js layer.

After effectively resolving the issues we faced, we were finally able to create EasyWebinar which went on to become one of the biggest online webinar-streaming platforms available in the market. The webinar platform is so popular that leading companies like ConvertKit, AWeber, Teachable, and Positive Parenting Solutions are using it. Not only this, celebrities like Jay Shetty, Amy Porterfield, Kim Constable, April & Eric Perry, and Candance Sheppard are the regular users of Easy Webinar. Most of these people have made millions promoting their brands and selling their brands.

Here’s what clients have to say about EasyWebinar:

The success story of EasyWebinar has inspired us to give our best and create products that stand out. Read the EasyWebinar Case Study to know more about it.


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