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Software as a Service
Cloud Computing

Software as a Service: Helping You Setup a Secure & Scalable Cloud System

Software as a Service

Earlier you had to install a software manually on PC. But now you can use the same application on the Internet with the help of Software as a Service (SaaS). This is the reason we use SaaS (Software as a Service) model in our Cloud Computing workflow.

Business Benefits of SaaS

1. Cost –Effectiveness

Cost is usually the most important factor when a business is choosing software. A typical SaaS customer will enjoy more flexible payment options compared to traditional software. The costs will also be predictable and manageable.

2. Security

SaaS will include the latest security protocols. It will be run across multiple data centers providing full redundancy in case one goes down and will have continuous data backups.

3. Flexibility

Working from anywhere is becoming norm in every business. The rise in flexible working requires flexible tools and SaaS allows businesses to have it.

4. SaaS Removes Worry

Traditional software would always require a business to have their own backups, storage and server rooms on site. The risk of fire and flood and ensuring the right technical staff are employed are just a few worries SaaS removes.

5. Reduced time to benefit/rapid prototyping

The SaaS model, the software application is already installed and configured. Users can provision the server for the cloud and have application ready for use.

6. Collaboration

SaaS allows multiple people to work together at the same time under the same software suite. Doing so increases the chances of quality work as multiple talented people will be contributing their ideas.

7. Predictable Ongoing Costs

SaaS eliminates variable costs like managing, patching, and updating software. You can save these expenses and use them for operational purposes.

8. Faster Deployment 

Building an app or service from scratch and then updating it on the cloud takes time. SaaS can save you from that. The whole set up will only take a couple of hours. Also, the software patches are automatically released from time to time. This way, you can save yourself a lot of deployment time.

9. Easy to Sell

As SaaS is easy to sell, there is no need to do new infrastructure tasks to sell a license. This means you can easily scale your business online without having to worry about infrastructure.

Questions We Ask Ourselves

We don’t just jump right into SaaS. Instead, we do a detailed analysis and ask ourselves a couple of questions. Doing so helps us decide if we’re making the right decision by choosing SaaS for your business or not.

Here are those questions:  

Question No. 1: Is the SaaS provider offering us the entire suite of apps or siloed apps?

Question No. 2: How will the SaaS provider enable me to view business results?

Question No. 3: Am I only going to pay for what I need?

Question No. 4: Is the SaaS I am going to choose future-proof?

Question No. 5: Does the service provide develop security into every layer?

Question No. 6: How will the SaaS provider offer data integrity and portability?

Learn how using SaaS helps us setup a powerful Cloud system for your business.

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