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3 Reasons Why We Follow Agile Development at Softobiz

Agile help us deliver quality projects at faster pace. That is why our all processes, such as application development, service management, and system maintenance involve agile methodologies.

With the help of our DevOps team, we follow a Continuous Development approach that helps in the incremental development and release of your product.

Here are three reasons why we follow the agile development approach at Softobiz:

1. Fast Project Delivery

As we follow an incremental approach in our agile development process, it becomes easier to fix errors and apply new changes at any stage of the project lifecycle while continuing with new sprints. This helps us deliver the product comparatively faster with continuous improvement.

2. Reduced Complexity

Dividing the project into small modules called sprints reduces complexity and makes it easy for our developers to work on the project. This helps us save our time and resources.

3. Actionable Feedback

As we develop the project in small sprints in agile software development, it’s easier for customers to give continuous feedback and suggest changes that can be amended immediately.

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