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Why your business needs Progressive Web Apps?

One of the major concerns that businesses have nowadays is that whether they should have an app or a website. This is not just a matter of today or tomorrow. Instead, the discussion has been going on for years. Some businesses favor website while others think apps are a better option.

While both apps and websites have their own set of advantages, they also come with different limitations. For this reason, businesses need something that can bring out the best of both worlds, and that is how progressive web apps were introduced.

What is a progressive web app?

Progressive Web App Inside

Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of both the web and the apps. The term was coined by Google engineer Alex Russell time in June 2015, who described progressive web apps as websites that took the right vitamins.

From the technical point of view, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a collection of technologies, design concepts, and web APIs that work in tandem to provide an app-like experience on the mobile web. They bring features that we seek in native apps while using standard technologies and running in a secure container accessible to anyone on the web. You can even pin them on the home screen of a phone or in the app drawer and have access to an app like properties such as notifications and offline use.

PWAs offer a native-app-like experience which is so identical that you will find it hard to differentiate for a moment that if you are using an app or a progressive web app.

Why are progressive web apps famous?

  • Secure, lightweight, and easy to load.
  • Packed with modern features like service workers, web app manifest, and app shell.
  • Offer a native-app-like experience. You can even add the progressive web app to your home page.
  • Capable of working on a slow internet connection. You can also access some of the features offline.
  • Highly responsive and compatible with all types of devices and operating systems.
  • Easy to share. Share the link and the other person can start using the progressive web app (PWA).
  • Apart from this, progressive web apps can be created at a low cost and in much lesser time.


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