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ClientPoint is an enterprise-level, cloud-based proposal creation, and management solution. It gives users the ability to easily create, send, manage, and track business proposals, contracts, quotes, and more in minutes. The platform allows sales professionals to share customized proposals, which are not just limited to text-based content. Instead, they can incorporate multimedia files like images, video messages, client testimonials, presentations, e-brochures PDFs, etc., within their proposals. It also gives them the leverage to track and get real-time insights on their user behavior and create tailored proposals specific to user interests. ClientPoint helps organizations optimize their proposal management lifecycle effortlessly and fasten their sales.


Our Client owns the largest independently owned facility services company based in Southern California. While the company was thriving exceptionally, it felt a need in the area of proposal automation. For a company that was growing stupendously, managing marketing and sales through traditional proposal generation methods was obviously a challenge. Although the client tried a few proposal automation tools available in the market, neither of them met the expectations altogether. The existing proposal automation tools failed to:

  • Create interactive proposals that could include varied content types.
  • Offer confidentiality to prevent data breach.
  • Provide with performance analytics in real-time.
  • Offer secure e-signature facility.
  • Prevent proposal recreation every time.

The challenge was to bring significant improvements in the way companies create and share proposals to boost their sales, which was earlier impossible with the existing sales automation tools.


As a solution to the client’s issues with the existing application, Softobiz decided to remodel it with newer technology, architecture, and features set as CLIENT POINT.

Our primary objective was to take sales automation to the next level while incorporating interactivity and keeping the users’ ease-of-use intact. Hence, our development team used PHP framework while focusing on its libraries. This helped us bring in the multimedia requirements that client asked for. We also integrated popular CRMs and ERPs to manage the database within the enterprise application. Integration of advanced e-signature tools like Sertifi and Right Signature helped us make signing the proposals easy without the need to download and scan documents.

“We started looking at advanced tools and libraries to build a seemingly interactive sales platform that fits with the need of every business who are interested in automating their sales lifecycle.“ – Softobiz technical team.

Key Highlights

  • Create and send consistent, engaging content fast.
  • Create a content library within the application and add multimedia files to proposals.
  • Integrates with major CRMs and ERPs, including Salesforce, NetSuite, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Caterease, Sertifi, Right Signature, etc.
  • Powerful analytics to show who viewed the proposal, for how long they stayed on a particular page or section, and who they shared it with.
  • Customize proposal content based on engagement data.
  • Allows multiple parties to sign digitally without the need to download – sign – upload the proposal every time.
  • View team performance by sales representative, division, region, market, or service and generate detailed reports to help your teams sell better.
  • 360-degree security allowing only the administrators to give access permissions.
  • Avail In-person training, complete documentation, and training through webinars.
  • Get 24*7 online customer support.

The Impact

ClientPoint was a welcome change for many companies. With the ease of sales and proposal management it offers, companies were quickly drawn towards using this unique sales platform. Since it provides a leading technology-based sales automation platform, ClientPoint is trusted by world’s top brands including MacMillan, Dematic and Equifax. It has been one of the fastest growing proposal generation and sales lifecycle management tool globally. Moreover, with ClientPoint, companies now experience 30% higher close rates.

Every year, the clientele of ClientPoint increases competently. But the year 2019 recorded 255 new users for this platform. With this, the clientbase reaches to 2000+.

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"We are amazed by their technical expertise and in-depth thinking."

Laurence Abrams

Founder and Chairman, ClientPoint

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