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Agent Alive


Insurance Services


Angular, Node.js, PHP

Agent Alive is an insurance agency software that brings the benefits of a live agent on mobile phone. It offers insurance agents a competitive edge by letting them track and book policies directly from their smartphones. 

With features like real-time video call, chat, screensharing, recording, and document sharingAgent alive removes the hassles of agents and customers altogether by combining the convenience and service into one. They can connect regardless of where they are and seamlessly close their deals.  

Because of Agent Alive, our clients have been able boost their sales, convert more leads, and enhance customer experience.


Our client is the owner of one of the largest insurance agencies in United States. While our client’s business was thriving well, it was lagging in the sales process without an active sales team. Our client also wanted to move fast with the integration of digital technologies into their operations and make the sales process digital as it has a tremendous potential. However, it was struggling to move on a customer-centric journey without being digitally enabled. 

Here are some other issues our client was facing: 

  • There was no real-time live connection, the agents and the customers had to juggle between apps and programs to accomplish their needs of an insurance transaction. 
  • Lead generation was quite difficult as customers want the comfort of services while planning for the inevitable. 
  • The engagement between agents and customers was difficult. 
  • Without a digital platform, there was no scope of the company to reach customers and stretch out to the global market.  
  • Without a proper sales lifecycle, they were losing big time on prospective buyers.   

Our needed a platform that could resolve these issues and help insurance agents and customer connect without any hassle. 

What Softobiz did?

Keeping the requirements of our client in mind, we developed a digital platform that made the insurance transactions more efficient and helped our client overcome business challenges along with enhancing customer experience and scalability.   

We designed Agent Alive in such a way that insurance could use it on multiple devices like mobile, iPad, or even the web. This made sure the platform was accessible to them all the time and they could generate massive leads.  

The ability to manage the sales lifecycle in real-time was another important addition in Agent Alive. It proved as a powerful weapon for managing and upscaled our client’s business. We also included features like live video calls and chat, screen sharing, and e-signature, real-time document exchange, easy wallet payments, and mobile device scanning (to drop documents as PDF) so that insurance agents could easily fetch necessary client details without much hassle.  

We even developed an Android and Native iOS app for the platform so that we could meet the requirements of the vast customer base of our client. 


Value Delivered

The real-time app removed the hassles of customers, thus, improving the Sales lifecycle. Agent Alive saw instant results with Softobiz, as the agents and customers experienced:

1. An accessible digital platform.

2. Easy access: guidance, solutions all in a single platform.

3. Flexibility to customize financial products: piece together various solutions to achieve one product that meets all needs.

4. With the equipped claim handling process, customer expectations are more accessible.

5. As the application automates everything, the users can simply install the app, sign up and look for agencies.

With all these features on board, the product agent alive proved to be a massive success for our client. You can read more about Agent Alive on their official website.

"The team correctly understood the requirements and built an amazing product. Highly recommended. "

Grant Miller

Founder, Agent Alive

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