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Angular, Node.js, PHP

EasyWebinar is a versatile, automated webinar platform. It allows users to run live conferences and stream recorded presentations automatically in real time. Equipped with not-so-common features, EasyWebinar makes it easy for enterprises to grow their business through networking. What makes EasyWebinar stand out among all the existing webinar platforms is that it gives users the freedom to pre-record a session and share it with their audience later. In short, you can automate your Webinar without you being there through its Autopilot Mode.


The biggest challenge was bringing our idea of an automated webinar platform into reality. Since the market is swamped with many outstanding options, developing another webinar platform that stand ahead of the competition was the most challenging. Also, we wanted to create a platform where users could stream webinars without having to install a plugin or native app of any kind which was another hurdle. We also had to ensure that all the sessions are produced and shared in High Definition and are accessible on multiple platforms. This was not the end! Other hardships were to handle concurrent live webinar sessions, scaling the platform on demand during high-traffic, integrate the

webinar platform with different CRMs, and provide users with detailed insights of each session so that they know where they can improve. Adding a group chat was also something we personally felt a need for. Incorporating this unique feature that allows users to connect and discuss their queries was indeed a difficult task.

What Softobiz Did?

We used the WebRTC technology to allow users stream live webinar sessions in HD quality on different devices without having to install third-party plugins. Further, load balancers were used to scale up servers during high traffic. To integrate EasyWebinar with different CRMs, we used the Zapier integration. The scalable group chat as well as a record viewer, which is used to collect important in-sights about each webinar session were created with the help of a Socket.io and the node.js layer.

Value Delivered

With 31,811 webinars, 5,948,001 attendees, and 6,749 group participants – EasyWebinar is one of the biggest online webinars streaming platforms available in the market at present. The webinar platform is so popular right now that businesses like Convertkit, AWeber, Teachabale, and Positive Parenting Solutions are using it. Even celebrities like Jay Shetty, Amy Porterfield, Kim Constable, Can-dance Sheppard, and April & Eric Perry are the regular users of EasyWebinar. Most of these people have made millions by successfully promoting their brand and selling their products.

EasyWebinar official website: https://easywebinar.com/

"They exceeded our expectations by delivering more than expected."

Casey Zaman

Founder & CEO of EasyWebinar

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